Sightseeing Spots

Information Disclosure

Purpose of the General Incorporated Association of Tottori Chubu Tourism Promotion Organization

The association will promote tourism in the Chubu region of Tottori Prefecture and the Hiruzen region of Okayama Prefecture domestically and internationally, and will work to attract tourists and develop an environment to accept them. The association will also plan the development of the region through the tourism industry working in close cooperation with tourism businesses and regional industries. The purpose of the association, as a Japanese DMO (Destination Marketing/Management Organization), is to contribute to the vitalization and improvement of the regional economy through these efforts .

Business Overview

  1. Promotion of tourist sites of the region and tourist attraction promotion business
  2. Business to develop/bring to light tourist resources
  3. Framework development to accept foreign tourists and education business
  4. Domestic and international sales promotion business intended for tourists
  5. Planning, development, and sales business of local tourist products
  6. Travel business based on the Travel Agency Act
  7. Sales channel development related to product development and product sales business
  8. Tourism statistics business
  9. Holding of skill improving lecture meetings for people in the tourism business
  10. Other necessary business needed to achieve the purpose of the association