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General Japan Tottori Chubu Tourism Organization's website (ex: Tottori pear blossoms hot springs Tourism Association) is the official site.

"Tottori pear blossoms hot springs Tourism Association" and, according to the composition of each group of municipalities, as well as strengthen cooperation more efficient and effective business promotion in 4/1/2005 ever of the Tottori Prefecture Central Tourism Association (founded 0/1972) and Tottori Regional Tourism Organization was established, integrating the PEAR flower Springs Liaison Council (founded March 8 in) of the organization.

Organization consists in the hiruzen district, Okayama Prefecture of Tottori Prefecture, Central regional administration, tourism, hotel ryokan Association, transportation, tourist attractions, etc., 4 strives to appeal as a regional tourist destination hot springs to the Center to attract visitors for events & PR activity and developing comprehensive area information actively.
In this website for the purposes will information actively.